12" x 16" Oxo Bamboo Cutting Board

Item # 305769


Dimensions: 16" x 12" x 0.625" Chop, dice, mince and carve on the OXO Good Grips large bamboo cutting board. The board features soft, tapered handles for easy lifting and carrying and non-slip edges that keep the board securely in place during use. The size is perfect for your everyday cooking tasks as well as for carving a large roast. A generous juice groove on one side retains liquids, use the grooved side for meats and the solid side for vegetables to prevent cross contamination. Bamboo is a renewable resource, making this board an environmentally sound choice. Food grade laminates in the board ensure food safety. Also available in a smaller size for less involved tasks. Do not put the board in the dishwasher * Made of environmentally friendly Bamboo * Soft, tapered handles make lifting Board easy * Non-slip edges keep Board from slipping * Double sided use helps prevent cross contamination * Generous juice groove retains liquids on board * Do not put in dishwasher



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