9 Cup Aluminum Half-Size Solid Bottom Tube Pan

Item # 111191


This is a 8.5", half size tube pan. 9 cup solid bottom aluminum tube pan is 8.5" x 4.5", (this height includes the tube, which extends above the rim ~0.5"). This aluminum angelfood pan is also great for making the perfect pound cake. It doesn't have a nonstick finish so you wind up with the best crust on your homemade pound cakes. 8.5" angel food cake or pound cake pan is made in the USA and is a commercial bakery quality pan. Since this tube pan is constructed of solid aluminum, it may scratch and scuff easily, but it will not affect your finished baked good. It's meant to function &, bake well & not look pretty. You can make gift sized cakes this holiday for all of your family and friends in this smaller tube pan. We have a larger version of this pan (#111192) also available, which has a 14 cup capacity to the rim and also a 5 cup version



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