Chapel Hill Knife Sharpening

Ready Tomorrow. Always $3.00/blade

When do you sharpen?

Everyday! Drop off your knives any day of the week. No need to call ahead.

What can you sharpen?

Metal bladed kitchen knives. We cannot sharpen scissors, shears, serrated knives, ceramic knives, pocket knives, or food processor blades. Not sure? Bring it by the store and we'd be happy to take look!

How much will it cost?

$3.00 per blade. No matter the size.

When will they be ready?

After 2:00pm EST the day after you drop them off. (Sometimes, around the holidays, we'll need a little extra time to catch up. We'll confirm your pickup date before you leave the store.)

Can my spouse/roommate/sibling/etc. pickup my knives?

Sure! As long as they know the name that the knives are held under. Remember that payment is due at pickup.

How should I bring in my knives?

The best method is to roll your knives in a dishtowel and secure them with a rubber band. Shoe boxes, newspaper, or tote bags are also popular choices!

How do you sharpen the knives?

We use a Tru Hone sharpener, which utilizes 2 sets of contra-rotating honing wheels. Our trained associates adjust the speed and bevel of these wheels based on your knife. We then take the knife through the machine by hand.

Does knife brand matter?

Essentially, no. However, we sharpen to a German bevel, which is a little thicker than a Japanese bevel. The majority of home cooks won't notice a difference, but if you are cutting fine sushi, it might be something to keep in mind!

Business hours:
Monday - Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM EST
Sunday 1 PM to 6 PM EST

*We reserve the right to refuse sharpening a knife that would be unsafe for our associates or hazardous to our equipment.