A Cuisinart food processor is one of the most useful tools in the kitchen. It allows you to make all sorts of food and recipes that you normally would not have the time or energy to make. Its like magic!

Make bread, pie crusts, pesto, hummus or chop and slice vegetables for pizza in minutes. You can whip cream or make a cake and its SO much better than the box!

We also carry replacement parts for Cuisinart Food Processors and are pros at helping match new replacement parts onto older model motors. Need some help figuring out what you need? Click here to get started!

Cuisinart Food Processors allow you to do things you don't have time to do!

Workbowls, lids, sleeves, pushers, blades, discs, stems, and more!

Cuisinart 11 cup workbowls, lids, sleeves, pushers, blades, discs, stems and more!

Cuisinart DLC-10 7cup  workbowls, lids, sleeves, pushers, discs, stems, and more!

DLC-5 Basic replacement workbowls, covers, slicing discs, pushers & flat lids

DLCX 20 cup work bowls, covers, sleeves, blades, discs and stems for your very large professional food processor.

We have hard to find Little Pro Cuisinart food processor parts - workbowl, workbowl cover,  extra chute workbowl, slicer & grater shredder blades, chopping knife blades & stem adapters. We even have a juicer attachment!

Keep this small gem in mighty shape with a new bowl, blade or cover.

Organize your Cuisinart blades with these handy safe Cuisinart disc holders.