DLC-2011 Workbowl With White Handle

Item # 943235


This 11 cup capacity clear Lexan work bowl only works with the more contemporary DLC-2011 Cuisinart Food Processor model with flat buttons across the front. This bowl will have a white handle and a white piece of plastic embedded in the top of the handle. This bowl belongs to the 2011 that you can take off the lid (#943238) and the expanded sleeve (#943246) at the same time. If you have to take off the sleeve first and then the handle, then you need the #943239 DLC2011 work bowl.

If you are unsure whether you have a DLC-2011 model, click here to read about how to identify your model series.

    • This item fits the following Cuisinart Food Processor Model(s):DLC-2011, DLC2011
    • Serial NumberDLC-2011WWBN-1
    • Cleaning InstructionsDishwasher safe



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