Cuisinart DLC-7 Work Bowl Cover For Expanded Feedtube

Item # 943025


This DLC7 workbowl cover with expanded feedtube fits on top of your workbowl and is designed to fit with the expanded sleeve (sold separately) in order to guide food towards the cutting disc of your choice. 

IMPORTANT: your machine will NOT turn on unless you have an expanded sleeve fit into the feedtube. This is a safety feature that Cuisinart has introduced within the last 20 years. The full feedtube setup includes 3 separate parts (the work bowl cover, expanded sleeve, and white pusher), which you can purchase for a discounted rate in our DLC-7 3 Piece Top Kit.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are trying to replace an original (amber colored) work bowl cover, a cover that was manufactured before 1985, or a cover that does NOT have a WHITE CLIP encased inside of it, you will have to purchase all three parts mentioned above in order to fit them all on to your work bowl properly. Not all of the older parts are interchageable with the newer versions. If you are unsure, please click the link below to read more about this issue.

Click here to read about how to choose replacement parts for the DLC-7 Cuisinart Food Processor series.

If you are just looking to make your machine functional without having to purchase additional parts, the DLC-7 Flat Lid may be a better option. You won't need any additional parts and it works with any age machine (though you wouldn't be able to use any discs with it).

    • This item fits the following Cuisinart Food Processor Model(s):DLC-7, DLC-7E, DLC-7M, DLC-7P, DLC-7S, DLC-7 Super Pro, DLC-7FC
    • Serial NumberDLC-017BGTX-1
    • Cleaning InstructionsDishwasher safe



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    Oval Cuisinart expanded sleeve assembly fits both DLC-7 and DLC-8 models.

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