Cuisinart DLC-7 & DLC-8 Small White Pusher for Expanded Feedtube

Item # 943028


This small white pusher fits inside the DLC-7/8 Expanded Feedtube Sleeve to help push food down towards the cutting disc.

This pusher is not compatible with the DFP-14 expanded sleeve.

    • This item fits the following Cuisinart Food Processor Model(s):DLC-7, DLC-7E, DLC-7M, DLC-7P, DLC-7S, DLC-7 Super Pro, DLC-7FC DLC-8, DLC-8F, DLC-8E, DLC-8PLUS, DLC-8S
    • Serial NumberDLC-020BGTX-1
    • Cleaning InstructionsDishwasher safe



    Additional Product Accessories

    Oval Cuisinart expanded sleeve for DLC-7 and DLC-8 models.

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