DLC-8 4-Piece Bowl Kit

Item # 943503DC


This kit is no longer available.

If you need a DLC-8 4-Piece Bowl Kit, the new version is available here: DLC-8 4-Piece Tritan Bowl Kit - Item# 943519

If you need a DLC-8 workbowl and workbowl cover, a kit is available here: DLC-8 Workbowl and Workbowl Cover - Item# 943520

This 4-piece DLC-8 parts kit included:

  • 11 cup capacity Workbowl (943075)
  • Workbowl Cover w/ Expanded Feedtube (943073)
  • Expanded Feedtube Sleeve (943027)
  • Small White Pusher (943028)
    • Cleaning InstructionsDishwasher safe

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