Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

We love all kitchen things but when you start to cook you will find that kitchen gadgets, tools & utensils are our favorite things. We think of ourselves as a full kitchen supply store! Follow us & make your work & time in the kitchen shorter. You will be able to make recipes that are usually take too much time. Everyday a new item comes out that helps us do our work & makes it more fun in the kitchen. Cherry pitters are a great example of a necessary & useful tool. It is almost impossible to make a cherry pie without one! Put some of these helpful tools in your kitchen!

If you love tacos and tortillas, this category is for you. Taco holders, fryers, holders & everything.

Cool off with homemade popsicles and ice cream! How many different flavor combinations can you come up with? Kids will have a blast in kitchen thinking up things to put in a popsicle. We have every kind of thing to make great creations with your ice cream. Homemade ice cream sandwiches are the best!

Making yogurt and cheese is also a breeze with our easy to use gadgets! Choose our electric yogurt maker with extra jars & make a healthier snack or dessert. Or freeze flavored yogurt cheese made with our yogurt cheese maker. Great diet aids! You can use Splenda, chocolate extract & skim milk & have a diet fudgesicle! Make your own!

Funnels are always handy to have in the kitchen. Use the small ones to fill up spice jars and the large ones with wider mouths for canning. We have plastic, aluminum & stainless steel funnels, even perfume size. Kitchenworks has even the smallest size funnels & ketchup funnels. We are sure to have the size you need! Buy a funnel before you catch yourself needing one.

Check out this great assortment of kid-friendly utensils for youth cooking classes or helping around in the kitchen. These are smaller versions of practical kitchen gadgets along with a variety of fun designs to encourage kids to cook and bake. Perfect for birthday presents or stocking stuffers!

These children's kitchen tools are designed with kids in mind. Colorful & useful, kid's gadgets are really fun. They are the perfect size for little hands that are eager to help out in the kitchen!

Cooking spoons are a favorite here at Kitchenworks! We carry traditional beechwood spoons in 5 sizes, spoons in olivewood from Spain, giant straining spoons from Poland, cherry & oak spoons, as well as acacia wood spoons & risotto spoons. Every shape you can imagine in bamboo. The largest wooden cooking spoon we have is 27 inches!

Melamine stirring corner spoons & melamine spoons of all colors are one of our most popular items. Check them out. So old-fashioned, but so reliable. And don't forget the spoon rests!

The spatula is a staple item of kitchen tools. They can be wooden or plastic or silicone cooking spatulas or old fashioned Rubbermaid rubber spatulas or the modern version in silicone in many sizes & colors. Find the perfect kitchen spatulas for your utensil set and cooking needs.

Plastic and rubber spatulas are ideal for scraping out large bowls and pans. Stainless steel spatulas help in getting underneath delicate items such as fish. And wooden spatulas are great for use in nonstick pans.

And don't forget the spoon rest!

Get a grip with salad, toast, serving tongs.
The right kitchen tongs are a must have item for serving salad, pastries and baked goods, sugar cubes, and pasta salads. With hundreds of possible uses, kitchen tongs are a necessity for home and commercial kitchens. We have buffet tongs, scissor tongs, beautiful homemade cherry wood tongs, as well as commercial type stainless spring tongs and silicone tiny pincher tongs. Fish bones can be picked with out long, tall fish pincher tongs. We are tongaholics!

Invest in great cooking tools like spoons, whisks, basters, bowls & thermometers that will last for a lifetime.

Become a gadget fanatic! Peelers, slicers, juicers, mills. Prepare your produce the right way with the appropriate fruit or vegetable tool. The right tool for the job can save you money on wasted food, and cut down the time spent on preparation. Our unique collection of fruit gadgets offers a lot of fun possibilities in the kitchen.

When cooking large pieces of meat for fun, big meals or having an oyster roast or lobsterfest, you will need all the right tools and equipment. Kitchenworks has meat grinders, bacon presses, meat tenderizers, meat and crab mallets, shrimp deveiners and labter & crab crackers. We also have all the utensils and gadgets for Thanksgiving.

We've got all the hard to find cheese planers, cheese leaves, cheese tools & gadgets you need.

Make killer eggs in any shape or form!  Egg rings, cups, spoons, trays, crates, ceramic egg cartons & even a replacement egg holder for your refrigerator.
Serve up better eggs by using the best egg tools available. Specialty shaped egg rings make for a fun breakfast after a sleepover party. They are useful for perfect pancakes. Whip up your healthy white egg omelets or country gravy with a egg shaker or an old fashioned egg beater. Egg timers like the Wizard of Oz in 3 minutes.
We love eggs and sell about ten kinds of egg poachers. So versatile!

Show that head of lettuce who's in charge - salad spinners & bags.

Freshly ground pepper makes the whole world better. Spices tools can come in many sizes and shapes, but are immensely necessary to an interesting life.

We have lots of tools for pizza, ravioli, pierogi and empanadas!

Show your bread a little love w/cutters, knives, molds, keepers, baskets and warmers.

Mixing bowls are the start of a well equiped kitchen. We have Mason Cash ceramic bowls, melamine mixing bowls, glass bowls and dipping bowls.

Jar openers can end the constant struggle to open jars. Multiple styles work on nearly every type and size of jar. Handheld and mounted can openers available.

Be a true perfectionist with these beautiful measuring spoons, cups & scales.

Colanders & strainers are small kitchen tools but are needed every day in your kitchen.

Boil eggs perfectly - Retro minute timers, old fashioned 5 minute egg timers, digital timers