12″ Food Tongs Black


12″ Food Tongs Black


Cutlery-Pro Locking Tong with silicone blades for securely gripping, lifting, turning, and draining cooking liquids from foods for mess-free serving.

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Cutlery-Pro’s Locking Tong with silicone blades securely grips, lifts, turns, and drains cooking liquids from foods for mess-free serving. A helpful addition to kitchen utensils, it?s perfect for cooking, serving and plating foods at every dining occasion. Scalloped grips hold foods securely and drain liquids and cooking oils for mess-free serving. Lift and turn foods with confidence. Cook and serve without the drippy mess. Safe for non-stick pots and pans. Great for cooking meat and poultry, fish, even veggies and stirfries, tossing salad, and so much more. Sturdy and durable, their spring action keeps them open and ready to use. Just a quick pull of the locking ring keep them closed for easy, compact storage. A must-have of essential cooking tools for the kitchen and at party buffets for effortless entertaining. Since 1981, Cutlery-Pro has been manufacturing professional chef knives of the highest quality and producing the broadest line of cutlery for professional chefs worldwide. This tradition of excellence in material and workmanship is now available to the home chef. Made from 18/8 stainless steel with silicone blades, Cutlery-Pro?s Locking Tong are durable, comfortable to use and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.