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Blue Cupcake Carrier Carton

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At first glance this looks like a giant egg carton, but it's perfectly sized for standard size cupcakes and muffins. It's about 3.75" high, so there's plenty of room for even generously frosted cupcakes. The wells are deep enough that cupcakes sit securely and don't bump into each other. There are "poke through" holes at the bottom of each cavity to help you get cupcakes out without having to stick your fingers in the frosting. For this reason this is better for toting your baked goods; not so much for long term storage. Just fill with muffins or cupcakes, secure the clasps, and grab the handle on top and go. There are a couple of windows on top if you feel the need to take a peek.

Made of food safe BPA-free plastic. Measures 6" wide x 17.5" long x 3.75" high. Hand washing recommended.

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