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Chicago Metallic 6 Nonstick Muffin Topper Pan

Item # 928233

"Top of the Muffin to You" This is a modern invention for people who want only the best part of a muffin or cupcake. It's a baking pan with shallow cups, giving you what is the most popular part of the muffin, the crusty top. What a treat! This muffin top pan is made of medium weight steel covered with a durable nonstick. The cups measure 2.13" x 0.5". It makes 6 muffin tops. This pan also works well for Yorkshire pudding. Try these at a meal with a standing rib roast!

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    by on April 23, 2016

    Use my pan about once a month to make banana muffin tops. Easy to take and go breakfast!

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