Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea have become a very popular categories in our modern world. For those who can't get up in the morning without a strong cup of coffee to the person who deals with a crisis by putting on the kettle for tea, there are so many ways to make a good mug of coffee or tea. We have simple coffee makers with filters to espresso makers or teaballs and teasticks to an infuser in a china teapot. We have a method for every budget. We have mugs and coffee measuring spoons, coffee grinder cleaning brushes, coffee grinders & locally roasted beans. Coffee, coffee, coffee! We love coffee! Let us get your day started in a great and caffeinated way!

Make superb coffee -  everything from simple plastic & ceramic coffee filter holders,  Chemex , Melitta coffee makers, percolators, replacement parts & accessories.

The French press is for the true coffee addict! It has always been said that French press pots make the best coffee. grind your coffee beans coarse and make a dark pot of European type coffee. Replacement French press pot glass beakers, filter screens & parts available.

Get the perfect coffee buzz. Bialetti, espresso makers, replacement interior parts for espresso makers. We have kept the real Italian espresso pots in stock and espresso gaskets of every size. These are simple espresso pots that will not wear out or break. Treat yourself to a jolt of deep, dark espresso today. Viva L'Italia!!

Get a milk frother & make the perfect cappuccino! We sell stainless steel & glass manual frothers & replacement glass containers for frothers.

Grinding your own fresh coffee beans is a way to make sure you have the very best cup of coffee.


Coffee filter cones and coffee scoops are vital items to make a perfect cup of coffee.

Teakettles are an absolute staple in the kitchen. There are all kinds of teakettles and you can easily find one that suits your needs. We have enamel on steel teakettles, all stainless steel kettles and plain glass stovetop teakettles for boiling water. Our kettles come in a variety of sizes.
For enamel kettles, you can clean out deposits by boiling every now and then with plain baking soda. To avoid mineral & calcium deposits, try to empty out your kettle completely between uses.
For grease spots and build-up on the outside on the bottom, use our very handy industrial scrubby pad #359001.


Ceramic teapots, cast iron & Asian teapots.

Get your tea buzz w/stainless steel mesh teaballs, bamboo strainers, infusion spoons.

Accessories and everything to make your tea experience perfect.

Enjoy your coffee or tea with one of these colorful & practical ceramic mugs.

Keep your coffee hot for hours with thermal stainless steel travel mugs or be elegant with ceramic travel mugs.