Our specialty cookware includes stainless fish poachers, egg poachers, crepe pans, plett and abelskiver pans, and Spanish omelet pans. We have asparagus steamers, steamer and pasta pots, and double boilers. We even have even fold over omelette pans. So buy some new cookware today and make an investment that has a guaranteed return!

There are several questions to ask when buying new standard cookware. You can have nonstick cookware or not. Nonstick cookware is easier to clean and can help you make a perfect omelette. The main disadvantage is that you must use soft plastic, silicone or wooden utensils. Putting nonstick cookware in the dishwasher puts it at risk for scratching. The nonstick coating on nonstick cookware can be compromised by heating these pans up at high temperatures or on the stove with nothing in them. Regardless of whether cookware is nonstick or not, it makes a large difference what is under the coating. You have to have a good metal base with heat diffusing qualities. Our German Berndes cookware is a great example of this because it is cast aluminum with a triple coat of their premium nonstick material.

For regular metal cookware, you can have a solid base of aluminum on the bottom of the pan covered in stainless and still have great heat diffusion. These pans are less expensive but can be really great for the price, our Cuisinart Classic being a good example of this. It has a thick aluminum disk encased in the bottom so the pans heat up incredibly fast and evenly. With these pans, you can cut into a steak with a knife or flip your pancake with a metal grill spatula. They are excellent sellers because you get so much for your money and we always have them on sale. Allclad is made of solid spun aluminum that goes all the way up the sides. It is completely encased in stainless steel. This ups the heat diffusing quality, plus these pans are made in America. All the cookware that we sell has been vetted and we feel like we have a great selection in all price ranges. Cookware is an area where you should feel like it is an investment. You use it every day and good cookware is a delight in the kitchen.

Timeless stainless steel cookware offering professional quality

German-designed Berndes pots and pans have been our favorite nonstick since we discovered them in the early 90's. Constructed of vacuum-pressure cast aluminum, which offers beautiful heat diffusion while remaining lightweight. Available in two styles: Tradition offering gray nonstick and a classic wooden handle, or Signocast featuring black nonstick and a molded plastic handle. This is nonstick at it's best!

Bring beauty and functionality into your kitchen with Cuisinart Classic stainless cookware, always on sale!

Le Creuset French cookware is enamel over cast iron that goes beautifully oven to table. This is the classic French cookware made famous by Julia Child.

Cast iron cookware is old fashioned & lasts a lifetime. Made In the USA by a family owned company. The best new old way to cook!

We have stainless stockpots & lids for the serious cook. It is user friendly & clad with aluminum for perfect heat distribution.

All sizes and brands of saucepans for cooking your special soup or sauce. Sauciers Are saucepans with rounded bottoms.

Cook the world's best omelet - Commercial quality skillets & omelet pans. We have stainless tri-ply, German nonstick, restaurant skillets & cast iron frying pans.

Every kitchen needs a versatile saute pan! Saute pans have more volume than a skillet of the same size. Most recipes in the Silver Palate cookbook call for a 10" saute pan.

Grill pans are the easy way to grill when its raining and griddles can be used for tortillas, pancakes, and paninis.

Easily melt chocolate with an All-Clad, Cuisinart or other stainless double boiler. Its a staple of the kitchen.

The first thing to know about steamers is that anything you cook in these will be healthier and more economical. Steaming is quicker than boiling and will preserve all the vitamins & nutrients of all of those diverse vegetables. Steaming uses less energy because of the smaller amount of water used. That water can be recycled  as a great beginning for a vegetable stock. Steaming is also a great way to cook fish, grains and eggs.

We have are inexpensive collapsible steamers all the way up to stock pot steamers that include a steamer basket and a handy pasta basket. You can have a bamboo two or three tiered steamer for a wok or a small family sized steamer pot.

Bake a perfect turkey every time - Roast vegetables & sweet potato fries. broiling pans with roaster bottoms. Varied sized, shaped roasting racks. We have chrome & nonstick roastracks.

Small and large stainless steel fish poaching pans with insert rack. We have 18 & 24 inch fish poachers. Poach a salmon!

Buy flat bottom & round bottom woks, stir fry pans, wok lids, wok tools, bamboo steamers, chopsticks, sushi making accessories.

Make cheese or chocolate fondue - we have fondue sets, fondue forks, fondue plates, fondue fuel & gel. Fondue is making a comeback. Start with dessert!

Buy a Romertopf clay cooker, Romertopf accessories. Healthy eating made easy.
No-fuss one pot cooking-oven to table.

Break out and try something new.We have crepe pans, egg poachers, abelskiver pans, paella pans, popcorn poppers and tagines.

We have a great selection of heat diffusers, especially for gas stoves. Also, splatter shields.

Cookware polish, brass polish & gas & electric heat diffusers.

Cookware for holidays, Thanksgiving, Easter, Passover and more. Be organized and buy early.

Cookbooks can help you to get out of a rut. Pick one up & dive in.