A Cuisinart food processor is one of the most useful tools in the kitchen. Easily make bread, pie crusts, pesto, hummus or chop and slice vegetables in minutes!

We have been working with Cuisinart food processors since the early-80's and love the simplicity and power of the basic models. There have been many updates to the parts over the years and our team is constantly researching and testing to ensure that your beloved machine has the correct parts to keep running.

All of the replacement parts we sell are manufactured by Cuisinart and shipped to us directly from their warehouses. We are not involved in any of Cuisinart's manufacturing or design decisions.

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Simplify your favorite recipes with quick chopping, slicing, grating, and so much more!

Replacement parts and accessories for the 14-cup DLC-7 & DFP-14 machines.

Workbowls, lids, sleeves, pushers, blades, and more for the 11-cup DLC-8 machine.

Parts and accessories for the 7-cup DLC-10 food processor.

DLC-5 Basic replacement workbowls, covers, slicing discs, pushers & flat lids

Parts for the professional grade 20-cup DLC-X

Replacement parts for the discontinued Little Pro food processor machine.

Keep this small gem in mighty shape with a new bowl, blade or cover.

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Organize your Cuisinart blades with these handy safe Cuisinart disc holders.

Replacement parts for the DLC-2014 machine. More information coming soon.

Replacement parts for the Cuisinart DLC-2011 Food Processor. More information coming soon.

DLC-2007 food processor replacement parts.