We love the German knives, Wusthof & J A Henckels, made with that fabulous German steel! Buying cutlery is a major investment in the basic tools of your kitchen. When you want to buy a knife, come visit our cutlery department at Kitchenworks.

A great start would be a small parer, either 3 or 4 inches, a 6 inch or larger 8 inch chef's knife, and a serrated knife for bread and tomatoes. From paring knives to boning knives to chef's knives, we have it all! EVERYBODY needs a bread knife! Santoku knives have also been very popular! You can buy any of these knives in various price ranges.

Kitchenworks wants everybody to able to have the best knives they can afford. We can guide you. Kitchenworks always strives to have the best knives for the best price. We keep our German knives on sale all year round and carry a great selection of Oxo Good Grip knives in two styles and price ranges. Treat yourself today and slice and dice with a brand new knife. Great knives are a great investment in your kitchen!

Easily chop herbs for making pesto - Henckels, Wusthof brands.

Kitchenworks has the best knife brands, JA Henckels, Wusthof, Oxo, all of these are an excellent investment.
Small or large, you will use them everyday.

Save money by investing in a knife set that combines a useful group of knives for big savings.

Great all-purpose knife for basic or intricate kitchen work. The most popular size!

If we could own one knife, it would be the most revered chef knife. Big & bold!!

Japanese-shaped knives known for sharp edges and the " granton edge" pattern.

There is great satisfaction in having the correct carving knife for the meat slicing job at hand.

We have a variety of Wusthof and Henckels regular & flexible boning knives.

Stop crushing your bread with a dull knife. Buy a serrated bread knife now! Make it easy.

Every household needs steak knifes. Shop steak knife sets from Wusthof & JA Henckels.

Prolong the life & quality of your knives. These plastic & magnetic knife guards protect blades & your fingers safe.

We have Oxo, JA Henckels & Wusthof sharpening steels, whetstones & hand sharpeners.

Keep your knives safe & protected with our stylish knife rolls & knife bags.

Organize & store your knifes in a knife block, a knife drawer tray or a magnabar, all come in various sizes.

The difference in regular scissors & kitchen shears is the strength of kitchen scissors to cut through bone & gristle.

Cutting boards come in great variety. We have wood, bamboo, polypropolene, acrylic & flexible.