Cuisinart DLC-10 Expanded Feedtube Sleeve

Item # 943081

This expanded sleeve assembly fits inside the chute on a workbowl cover to guide food uniformally towards the cutting disc of your choice. It is composed of two pieces of clear plastic that fit inside of each other (they cannot be separated) with an opaque white 'locking tab' and two clear prongs extending from the side, which fit into the workbowl cover to engage the motor. 

This part works with the DLC-10 Lexan workbowl cover and the DLC-10 Tritan workbowl cover

The small white pusher, which fits inside of this part and helps to push food towards the cutting disc, is sold separately.

IMPORTANT: your machine will NOT turn on unless you have this expanded sleeve fit correctly into the workbowl cover's chute. This is a safety feature that Cuisinart has introduced within the last 20 years.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are trying to replace an expanded sleeve that does NOT have 2 prongs extending down from the side, you will have to purchase all three parts mentioned above in order to fit them all on to your work bowl properly. Not all of the older parts are interchangeable with the newer versions.

    • Serial NumberDLC-118BGTXT1
    • Cleaning InstructionsDishwasher safe
    • UPC086279226471
    • MPNDLC-118BGTXT1



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    Small white pusher helps push food through expanded sleeve and towards cutting disc.

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