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Cuisinart DLC-10 Workbowl Cover with Expanded Feedtube

Item # 943080

Discontinued by Cuisinart

Due to recent changes made by Cuisinart, if you need to replace your DLC-10 Workbowl Cover, you must also replace your DLC-10 Workbowl.

Cuisinart has recently switched to a new, BPA-free plastic called Tritan. In doing so they have updated the molds for several parts, meaning they may no longer be compatible with the parts you currently have.

The new Tritan workbowl features 4 tabs on the top rim of the workbowl, and can only be used with Tritan covers, which have 4 corresponding tabs on their bottom rim.

The DLC-10 Tritan Workbowl & Workbowl Cover are available as a set.

If your Expanded Sleeve -- the oval piece that fits into the lid -- does not have 2 plastic prongs that extend from the bottom, then you will need to replace all four parts.

All 4 parts are available together in the DLC-10 4-Piece Tritan Bowl Kit.

    • Serial NumberDLC-117BGTX
    • Cleaning InstructionsDishwasher safe
    • UPC086279226471
    • MPNDLC-117BGTX



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    Oval expanded sleeve assembly fits into DLC-10 workbowl cover.

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