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Cuisinart DLC-7 Work Bowl Cover For Expanded Feedtube

Item # 943025

Discontinued. No stock.

As of May 2016, this item has been discontinued by Cuisinart.

If you need to replace your workbowl cover as pictured on this item page, you must replace all 3 top pieces via the Recall Information.

Discontinued 2nd Generation (Lexan) workbowl cover. 2-tab locking mechanism is compatible with 2nd Generation DLC-7 (Lexan) workbowls only. 3rd Generation (Tritan) workbowls are not compatible.

Accepts both 2nd and 3rd Generation DLC-7 expanded sleeves.

    • Serial NumberDLC-017BGTX-1
    • Cleaning InstructionsDishwasher safe
    • UPC086279220271
    • MPNDLC-017BGTX-1



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