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DLC-7 & DFP-14 3-Piece Top Kit

Item # 943514

3-piece top kit containing parts compatible with Non-Tritan DLC-7 & DFP-14 workbowls. This kit will NOT fit a Tritan, 4-tab workbowl.

Unsure if you currently have a Tritan workbowl? View the differences here.

This 3-piece kit includes:

These parts replace the previous DLC-7 3-Piece Top Kit.

If you also need a new workbowl, you should purchase the DLC-7 & DFP-14 4-Piece Tritan Bowl Kit.

Please note: The designator at the end of your model name (Super Pro, S, P, M, etc.) is irrelevant to your part selection. This designator simply indicates which accessories originally came with your machine.
    • Cleaning InstructionsDishwasher safe

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