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Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11 Food Processor

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DLC-8SY This is the most popular size Cuisinart food processor that we sell. It is an 11 cup capacity (chopped vegetables, not liquid) and comes with bonus extras for a great value! It includes a 11 cup work bowl, an expanded feed tube with a smaller feedtube, a metal chopping blade, a medium slicer disc, medium grater disc, detachable stem, spatula and a very informative video. The bonus parts are the new and efficient Cuisinart flat lid (a 25.00 value!) which allows you to turn your food processor into a big, easy-to-clean chopper. And this Cuisinart size also includes a thin slicer disc (a 30.00 value!).

***The parts of the new BPA-free Cuisinarts are not interchangeable with the old parts that we sell.***
This Cuisinart food processor is only $40 more than the DLC-10 or Classic 7 cup machine. It comes with so much more, well worth the money.
These items are free bonus parts that only come with this DLC-8 size Cuisinart. It has a full 5 year motor warranty &, a limited 3 year warranty for entire unit. We also sell a wide array of new and old DLC-8/DLC-2011 Cuisinart parts if you need or lose one!
    • Cleaning InstructionsUse only sponges/scrubbies/brushes that are safe for non-stick surfaces
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