Glassware & Barware

Glassware & Barware

Barware and cocktails have made a big comeback! Stainless cocktail shakers and mojito muddlers are all the rage. We love a champagne bucket just for the look of it, if not the luxury. Beer can be fun in an insulated plastic beer mug, a pilsner glass, a frosted beer mug or a pint glass. Make a black and Tan...ooh la la! Kitchenworks has many choices for bottle openers and wine tools. The screwpull corkscrew is our favorite. Having real martini glasses makes you feel grown up, and margarita glasses just make you have fun. We have major choices for shot glasses and jiggers, which are not really the same! Our brandy snifter collection includes small brandy snifters and we pride ourselves on our inexpensive bulk glasses. Stock your bar today!

Kitchenworks has a huge selection of glasses for every occasion. Relax with wine, celebrate  with champagne flutes, indulge with martinis, be south of the border with margaritas or mexican handblown glasses, be sophisticated with cognac or brandy snifters, warm up with tempered glass mugs, or just restock your bar with tumblers, hiballs, double old-fashion glasses, juice glasses, jiggers, shooters & shot glasses.

If you like your grape juice straight up, shop our French or Italian juice glasses. However, if you prefer juice that's a bit more fermented, go ahead and shop our variety of Wine, Brandy & Cognac snifters, or champagne glasses.

For the real purist drinker in your family, what could be better than a shot glass or jigger? Add on some classy highball glasses from Italy or France and some of one our beer mugs, pints and pilsners and you've got a top-notch bar at home! We even have port & sherry glasses. Hard to find!

These days there just seems like there are things you can not find. Pitchers are one of these. Pitchers with lids are even harder.

Make cocktails like a pro with shakers, flasks, muddlers, bottle openers, wine coolers, wine pourers & coasters.

Ice trays, mini ice cube trays, ice tongs, whiskey rocks, Corkscicles, champagne & wine buckets.
Show that ice who is boss! We have everything that you need to have a party - everything that's new for your bar.