Home Décor

Home Décor

Invest in what you see that you love because household things makes you feel good. Candles and candle holders, chimes, home accessories, plate racks and hangers, wall art and household decorations are all the things that make nesting so much fun! Flashes of color from a new rug will a spark change that makes your home so much more fun. It is suddenly is a larger reflection of you. My mother, ever the artist, always said, "Surround yourself with beautiful things!" And this is where you will find them.

Festive accessories , decorative enamel cloisonne ornaments, seasonal chimes, holiday decorations.

Whimsical animal watering cans, Oriental mouse rugs and things that make your house look special.

Display your favorite plates & platters - 2 & 3 tier wrought iron plate stands, plate racks. We have all sizes plate hangers, plate racks & plate stands.

Gorgeous, unscented  pillar candles, 8", 9" & 12" dripless dinner candles, party, numbers & birthday candles.

Decorate your space and express your personality!

Whimsical, colorful Haitian wall hangings, light switch plates all made by hand out of recylcled oil drums.

If you are going to spend time in your kitchen, why not do it in style with these gorgeous indoor, outdoor floor mats from Mad Mat!

Buy indoor and outdoor reversible mats by Mad Mat, mouse pads and kitchen rugs.

Everybody needs a kitchen step stool! We have 9 inch solid colors & two-tone color fold up stools.

Pump up the holiday spirits with Swedish angel chimes, holiday candles, German advent calendars. Decorate & celebrate!