Kitchen Sink & Cleaning Accessories

Kitchen Sink & Cleaning Accessories

Kitchenworks has a vast variety of dish racks in bamboo, colored wire over steel, stainless steel and plastic. We specialize in small dish racks and drain mats. Sink saver mats, whether wire or stainless or silicone are in high demand. Scrubby holders and scrubbie pads are one of our most popular items. Lambs wool and ostrich feather dusters are popular again. We have French pop-up sponges that never shred, soap savers and sponge and scrubby holders. We sell CLEAN DIRTY magnets that are hard to find.

Kitchenworks is all about the kitchen sink. We find that this kitchen sink and cleaning category has become so necessary. We think that buying a new dish rack is the fastest way to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money! With so many fabulous cleaning tools, kitchen chores can be easy and fun. Take a look.

Whatever your dishwashing choice, Kitchenworks can provide it, dish brushes, sponges, scrubbies, dish mops or dish clothes.

Most households are lacking cleaning brushes of some sort. When you need one, take a look at ours.

Cleaning is a challenging chore but we can make it easy for you. Dishwasher clean & dirty magnets for a start. Never wonder again if the dishes are clean.

Good cleaning polishes make cleaning twice as easy. We have copper, silver, stainless polish & cleaners.

Accessorize your kitchen like you change your look. Dress it up with stainless or warm it up with wood.

Sink savers are rising in popularity. Keep your sink from scratching or protect your shine. We have great choices.

Brooms are a staple & have been around since 962 AD. Most don't work, ours sweep like a dream.

Scrubby holders keep your sink & counter dry, and your scrubby will stay clean!

Add a touch of personality to your kitchen sink with a colorful scrubby holder, or stick with a simple classic. Let us help you keep your kitchen clean!