Laundry Sprinkler

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As seen on "Martha Stewart Living." Back in the old days, before "no-iron" shirts and more casual looks came along, people used to iron their clothes. And back before the steam iron was invented, the laundry sprinkler was a fixture on your mom's (or grandma's) ironing board, usually stuck into an old Coke bottle filled with water. The sprinkler was the best way to lightly spread water on the fabric so the heat of the iron could then steam the clothes and achieve a smoother look. This laundry sprinkler has a plastic head and a cork bottom that can be used with an old water bottle or with something more decorative if you like. Also handy for watering seedlings or other plants that need a more delicate touch. Made in the USA. Overall height: 2.3" Head: 1.375" diameter with 20 holes Cork: 5/16" diameter at the top, 9/16" the at base
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