Oxo Kitchen Tools

Oxo Kitchen Tools

Oxo is flat out a GREAT company. It is hard to believe that Oxo gadgets have not always been with us. They are all about design and every one of their household kitchen gadgets is so clever and smart. The Oxo tools always have one extra well-thought-out feature incorporated into the design. Oxo came about from the kind-hearted wishes of a man to help his arthritic wife with better, more comfortable kitchen tools. That man, Sam Farber was a longtime powerhouse in the houseware business. He was already retired when he came back to launch a line of brilliant kitchen gadgets and tools in 1990. He teamed up with Smart Designs and Oxo was born.

Today, they have a wonderful young, creative staff who are continuing the tradition of clever and exceptional kitchen tools. They have the BEST peeler, a modern egg beater, a jar opener (that my 92 year old grandmother said changed her life), a corn peeler (that works!), great pop-up canisters and even soap-filled dish brushes and sink mats for drying your wine glasses. Oxo has a satisfaction guarantee for each and every Oxo product. You can not go wrong with any Oxo gadget. You will just delight in the great look, feel and smarts of every one of Oxo's kitchen tools. Kitchenworks loves Oxo (pronounced ox-o)!

Kitchen gadgets are the heart of our business. They are what everybody loves and they delight us. Oxo Good Grips gadgets are giant steps above the ordinary tools with clever touches and thoughtful improvements. Oxo kitchen tools came about from a desire to have more comfortable ordinary kitchen gadgets that were solidly functional but with great design. Kitchenworks is thrilled to be able to be a kitchen supply store in everybody's hometown. We strive to provide fun and superior kitchen tools.

Oxo has made our job easy, so make that jump and replace your can opener today!

Oxo has changed the measuring cup world by introducing a revolutionary concept. The Oxo measuring cups are rimmed inside so you look down into them to see your measurement. You do not have to hold them up and look through the side.
Oxo also makes great measuring spoons and dry measuring cups.

Look around your kitchen at all your cooking and serving utensils to see if they are still serviceable. Oxo serving and cooking utensils include stainless steel tools with comfortable Good Grip handles, stainless and silicone nonstick spatulas, slotted spoons and nonstick tongs  New tools can quickly modernize and spruce up your kitchen counters. Your lunch and dinner detail will be so much more successful. Oxo has mastered the art of improving all regular serving spoons and utensils with small clever improvements.

Oxo has taken the most regular familiar kitchen gadgets and transformed them into a stable of the best. 

The graters from Oxo Good Grips are GRATE! They have a full line of food choppers & slicers.

Thermometers are hard to find since Mom and Pop hardware stores have gone by the wayside. Oxo has taken the traditional cooking thermometers for ovens, candy, and meat and given them many extra features. They have meat temperature cooking charts on the thermometer case, see-through plastic for the oven light to shine through and silicone edging to keep it from rolling around. The Oxo thermometers have risen to the top of the heap with these great inventive improvements.

Oxo also makes wonderful digital kitchen timers that can time up to three dishes at a time. Improve your cooking environment while boosting your kitchen attitude with Oxo Good Grips gadgets and tools.

Everybody loves the coast & the quickest way to be there in spirit is to have great seafood. Oxo has all the clam, shrimp, crab & lobster tools that you need. They have clam knives, lobster knives, lobster cracker & picks, shrimp deveiners & many other food specific gadgets. Seafood like this can turn a regular night into a celebration.

Or head to the butcher shop & pick out a special piece of meat to grill or roast. Oxo Good Grips has any kitchen tool you need. That oven thermometers can make or break a meal.

Oxo Good Grips has taken the regular household bar and wine tools and transformed them into elegant items that work easily. The double jigger is elegant enough to leave out on your bar. The Oxo winged corkscrew is comfortable in your hand and works every time. Our favorite is the bottle stopper pourer for your wine bottle. Oxo has given it a ball joint which allows you to open it and pour or close it and lie your bottle down in the refrigerator without it leaking. You know wine bottles never fit in the refrigerator one you put the cork back in!

Oxo cutlery has two distinct lines of knives. The regular line of Oxo knives has stamped knife blades with comfortable molded handles. This Oxo Professional line of knives are forged knives with full tangs, bolsters and heavier molded handles. Both lines include all the classic knife blade shapes. These Oxo knife choices are both great values and give you ability to own great knives at a great price.

They are all easy to sharpen and satisfaction guaranteed.

Oxo has perfected the easy-to-use salt and pepper grinder. They also have spice grinders that is a category that is difficult to find. Oxo Good Grips has a salt or pepper solution for everybody.

As always, the Oxo company has taken the basic design of a spice grinder and made it functional with extra features that are well-thought-out. The Oxo kitchen utensil and tool line is always satisfaction guaranteed. You can't go wrong!

Oxo makes a gorgeous line of stainless steel tea kettles. Oxo stands out when it comes to travel mugs. they make every kind. Oxo leakproof coffee travel mugs come with handles, without handles, in various colors, in stainless steel & with a easy-clean top where you can drink out of any side. They have come out with a new Oxo coffee press pot in two sizes.

The new Oxo coffee pots are sophisticated and stylish. Oxo also has the replacement glass for your bistro coffee pots.

Oxo cleaning kitchen dish brushes and sink items are where they excel. Oxo Good Grips has a large line of dish brushes of all sizes and shapes. All dishbrushes have replacement heads available, even the palm dish brushes. Oxo has a wide variety of sink items and accessories including our favorite sink mat, soap dispenser and scrubbies and scrubby holders. This kitchen sink category has become a favorite for Kitchenworks and we want to provide a wide choice of kitchen dishbrushes and sink savers, drain mats and dish racks.

Oxo has put the same thoughtful design into their home storage and organizational products. They make the most fabulous square kitchen canisters. The Oxo Pop Containers are so POPular because the push button on the top is so easy. We also have scoops for your Oxo canisters.

Oxo makes drawer organizers with that extra convenient feature of being able to move the sections around.

There is nothing like cleaning and organizing your home to make you feel good. Your outer environment reflects your inner environment, so hustle up and organize today!

Oxo has taken the same great design and function and applied it to their line of baby dishes and eating utensils. The Oxo Tot line is colorful and the sippy cups, snack containers (for all those Cheerios), infant plates and bowls are all cheerful and well thought out. It is obvious that the designers at Oxo have a lot of children and know what works! For all your little ones, infants to toddlers, this Oxo Tot line will have some wonderful eating utensils for you. They are all colorful, durable, and dishwasher safe.