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Oxo Mandoline

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This gets the prize for the most efficient and well designed mandoline. It is all inclusive and has all of its parts attached. No having to keep up with all the blades. It has a dial to switch the blades including thin, thick, julienne and french fry. It is easy to clean as the slicing blade is removable. You can flip this blade to have a crinkled edge. The legs fold in for easy storage. And you may still make shoe string potatoes if the electricity goes out. A manual Cuisinart! It is one of the few mandolines where you can choose any thickness. You can also easily make waffle fries. So easy!

To make waffle fries: turn the flat blade over to the ruffled side. Turn the knob to the thickness that you like. Use your guard and slide the potato down the slicer blade until you get a slice. Turn the potato a quarter turn and slice again. Repeat and you will have perfect waffle fries.

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    by on July 9, 2013

    Please how, and what blade to make waffle fries and rating could be great

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    by on July 9, 2013

    How to cut waffle fries

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