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Oxo White Bag Clips s/2

Item # 305114

Oxo white bag clips will satisfy your bag clipping needs! Whether you're clipping flour, cereal, snacks, etc. this bag clip will keep out all that moist air. No one likes clumpy flour or stale chips. At 5 1/2 inches wide, this bag clip is truly the boss at clipping bags. It makes a satisfying muted thwack noise when it closes, and the non-slip finger holes are fun to play with idly while you're munching your crispy, fresh chips. The holes are also useful for hanging your bag clip when not in use. Unless you're the type of person who likes to hang their chips, in which case the holes will be useful all the time. Oxo also suggests that you can hold open a book with it, so while you're using your flour this clip will not sit by! It will continue to be useful by holding open your much-loved recipe book, making those sticky-dough fingerprints a thing of the past! What a clip! You get two in a set for double clipping power.
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