Toaster Oven Crisping Sheet

Item # 108048

A nonstick toaster oven crisping pan is the perfect thing for reheating pizza or dinner in the toaster oven. This crisper sheet will fit in any compact oven. It is perforated with holes to let the heat crisp your food.

Do not use metal or sharp utensils on this pan.

    • Dimensions10" x 7.125" x .625" (Outer Dimensions) 8.5" X 6.5" (Cooking surface)
    • MaterialAluminized Steel w/ Nonstick Coating
    • Heat safe to:450 degrees
    • Cleaning InstructionsUse only sponges/scrubbies/brushes that are safe for non-stick surfaces
    • Care InstructionsUse only non-stick safe utensils.
    • UPC011172470102
    • MPN47010



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