Toaster Oven Muffin Pan

Item # 108049

More & more people are cooking in their toaster ovens. This 6 cup compact muffin pan is just the thing for cupcakes in the summer when you do not want to run your oven.
Makes 6 regular size muffins or cupcakes & has a nonstick lining. Use only wood or soft plastic utensils.

    • Dimensions10" x 7" x 1.312" (Outer Dimensions)
    • Volume6 X 1 cup muffins
    • MaterialSpun Aluminum w/ Nonstick Coating
    • Cleaning InstructionsUse only sponges/scrubbies/brushes that are safe for non-stick surfaces
    • Care InstructionsUse only non-stick safe utensils.
    • UPC011172429100
    • MPN42910



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