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Victorio Food Dehydrator & Jerky Maker

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Victorio food dehydrator and jerky maker has 250 watts of power and dries several pounds of fruits, vegetables and meats.

You get 5 adjustable drying trays to start, but this food dehydrator will take up to 9 trays for larger batches of food. A heater and fan circulate air for even drying.

Dehydrators let Raw fooders "bake" breads, crackers and burgers without disturbing the natural enzymes and nutrients that traditional heat-cooking methods destroy.

If Raw un-cooking isn't your thing, you can still enjoy dried fruit and meat snacks like dried banana chips, apple rings, dried fruit leather chews, and jerky. Try making teriyaki tofu jerky for a savory treat.

You can dehydrate just about any food. Sliced and dehydrated garlic cloves can be ground into homemade garlic powder that's far superior to what you'll find on the grocery store shelf.

A great easy and elegant gift idea is to dehydrate pear slices and then them dip in bittersweet chocolate. Wrap the dipped pear slices in a simple cellophane gift bag and tie it with a pretty ribbon for a delicious gift or party favor. A mandoline slicer will give you the uniform, thin slices needed for even and efficient dehydrating.
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