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White Ceramic Egg Carton - Holds 12 Eggs

Item # 970070

Our ceramic egg carton holds farm-fresh eggs or supermarket eggs neatly and elegantly in your refrigerator.

It doubles as a clever deviled egg holder, too.

For use as a deviled egg dish, try cutting the hard-cooked eggs horizontally rather than vertically, and make the deviled egg filling of your choice. Once you pipe the filling into the egg bases, you can arrange them in the ceramic egg carton for a very unique presentation.

If you bake or cook a lot with eggs, then you may find this egg carton useful because it allows you to pull out the quantity needed for your recipe while the rest of your eggs stay nice and cool in your fridge.

This durable and reusable egg holder is ~12.75" long, 4.75" wide and ~1.5" tall.

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