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Wusthof Grand Prix II 10" Sharpening Steel

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Wusthof 10" black handled honing steel that can be a huge addition to your knife collection. It is to be used to maintain the edge of your knife blades on a regular basis. Honing your knife, as opposed to putting on a new edge as you would with a whetstone or TruHone Machine.
Turn Wusthof sharpening steel upside down, put your knife at a 90 degree angle, then half that to 45 degrees, then half that to ~ 20-22 degrees. Starting at the bottom of your knife blade, pull down the right side of steel until you reach the tip of blade, at the bolster. Repeat exactly on other side. You can master this easily maintain your own knives.

    • Dimensions10"
    • Material(s)Stainless Steel and Plastic
    • Care InstructionsWipe clean after every use.
    • Cleaning InstructionsHand Wash
    • UPC4002293447308
    • MPN4473

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