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Cat Odor Elimator Small

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Charcolive’s Odour Eliminator Cat Litter Deodorizer, a 100-percent all-natural odor eliminator, offers long-lasting freshness without the use of any harmful chemicals. It absorbs and eliminates odors from cat litter in 24-hours or less and works with any type of litter. Great for multiple cats, too! This highly absorbent charcoal is made by recycling the byproduct of olive production, i.e. the pit. Olive pits are a sustainable and renewable resource. Naturally textured with more than 100 interconnecting channels and chambers, or pores, per square millimeter, they’re exceedingly efficient in absorbing moisture and eliminating odors. As the world’s most effective odor eliminator, Charcolive is all-natural, and safe for pets and the home. The perfect addition to pet supplies for all cat lovers, especially those concerned about more sustainable living practices. Simply add directly to the litter box. Made in Cordoba, Spain with a patented European manufacturing process using clean, green technology with no dangerous emissions. Charcolive’s Odour Eliminator for Cat Litter is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Small size contains 8.64-ounces. Intended for single use.
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