Cousin Arturo’s Pasta Pin

Cousin Arturo’s Pasta Pin

Cousin Arturo’s Pasta Pin


Scores dough for making Fettucelle pasta the authentic way.

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Fantes Cousin Arturo’s Pasta Pin scores pasta dough easily. Nothing tastes better than homemade pasta and learning how to make fresh pasta couldn’t be easier. Make half-inch-wide noodles for Fettucelle, and other classic Italian recipes, the authentic way. Made in Italy from all-natural beechwood, this rustic pasta cutter brings old world charm and function to contemporary kitchen tools. (Also makes great pie lattice!)

Easily score 10 strips of dough at once. Simply roll out the dough as instructed, dust with flour and roll Cousin Arturo’s Pasta Pin across the dough with consistent, firm pressure. Separate the scored dough by hand into strips and prepare the noodles according to the recipe instructions. Fante’s fresh pasta recipe for Fettucelle and complete instructions are included. Wipe with a dry cloth or brush before first use, and after every use.

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