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Cow Horn Caviar Spoon

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HIC's Caviar Spoon is perfect for scooping up and serving all types of caviar. Beautifully handcrafted in the United Kingdom from responsibly sourced Ankole Cattle horn, it's designed to scoop up a perfect portion of caviar and gently serve the delicate caviar beads without them breaking. From red and black caviar to pink salmon roe, beluga caviar, sturgeon caviar, and more, HIC's Caviar Spoon makes enjoying this gourmet food both easy and elegant. Great at parties, holidays, or family gatherings, and it complements most caviar dishes nicely. Compact to fit neatly in a kitchen gadget drawer yet attractive enough to display on the counter. HIC's Caviar Spoon has been handcrafted in the United Kingdom since 1794 from responsibly sourced Ankole Cattle horn. Decorative and durable. Pattern and color will differ in each piece due to the variance found in natural cattle horn. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.
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