Cuisinart DLC-10 Workbowl Cover – Tritan

Cuisinart DLC-10 Workbowl Cover – Tritan


4-tab Tritan DLC-10 workbowl for 7-cup Cuisinart food processors.  Tritan workbowl required.

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This DLC-10 workbowl cover is made of BPA-free Tritan plastic. This is the newest iteration of workbowl cover for the DLC-10 7 cup food processor.

This Tritan workbowl cover features 4 tabs on the bottom rim, and can only be used with a DLC-10 Tritan workbowl, which have 4 corresponding tabs on their upper rim.

You MUST have a Tritan workbowl to use with this cover.

This update came into effect in early 2016.