Cuisinart DLC-8 Tritan Flat Workbowl Cover

Cuisinart DLC-8 Tritan Flat Workbowl Cover


DLC-8 flat cover for Tritan workbowl & chopping/dough blades.

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Using your metal chopping or dough blade? Save yourself some cleanup and consolidate with a flat cover! Perfect for all your chopping, pureeing, and emulsifying needs.


The flat cover has a small, round feedtube in the center with an included cap for closure. Made of BPA-free Tritan plastic.

For use with the metal chopping blade or dough blade only. This cover is not for use with any disc blades.

This Tritan flat workbowl cover features 4 tabs on the bottom rim, and can only be used with DLC-8 Tritan workbowls, which have 4 corresponding tabs on their upper rim.

You MUST have a Tritan workbowl to use this cover.

This cover does NOT work with the more modern DLC-2011 series.


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