About the Cuisinart Food Processor 10 Series (DLC-10)

Cuisinart has very recently made sweeping changes to the availability of many replacement parts.
This informational page will be updated accordingly as new information becomes available.


Also referred to as a ‘Prep 7’ or ‘Pro Classic’

Models in this series:

DLC-10, DLC-10E, DLC-10P, DLC-10S
DLC-2007 (Oval Base)

The 10 series has a 7 cup capacity and is the most popular of the Cuisinart Food Processors. The DLC-2007 was a limited edition version of the 10 series that has a differently shaped bowl, cover and feedtube, but otherwise accepts 10 series replacement parts.


There are three Generations of parts for the DLC-10. While the purchase date of your machine may be helpful in determining the Generation of your parts, the age of your motor is not an indicator of the generation of your parts.

The designator at the end of your model name (Super Pro, S, P, M, etc.) is irrelevant to your part selection. This designator simply indicates which accessories originally came with your machine.

View the available DLC-10 parts and accessories here: Cuisinart DLC-10 Parts