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Empanada Press Pl 7"

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HIC’s Empanada Press makes a favorite empanada recipe and other pocket foods quickly and easily. Create perfectly formed dumplings, appetizers, calzones, stromboli, desserts, pastries, pocket sandwiches, turnovers and more. It cuts and seals dough for making authentic empanadas and other pocket foods. And, the large-capacity pocket holds a generous amount of delicious ingredients. Makes 5-inch x 5.5-inch empanadas. So easy to use. For perfect pocket pastries, simply roll out the empanada dough, or other dough, to desired thickness. Use the flat edge of the Empanada Press to cut a perfect circle of dough. Turn Empanada Press over and place cut dough onto the toothed side. Form a well in the center and spoon in empanada filling or desired filling. Moisten dough edges and fold the Empanada Press to seal the pastry. The dough creation is now perfectly crimped and ready to be baked, fried or steamed. It’s compact for easy storage and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
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