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Fuse-R Poultry Infuser (Card)

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Fuse-R Poultry Flavor Infuser seasons whole birds while increasing juiciness and boosting flavor from the inside while they cook. Give poultry a flavor boost! Roast poultry to a golden brown outside and maintain a moist and juicy inside while infusing tons of flavor. Liquids and seasonings heat up during the cooking process and vent the moisture infused with flavor through the holes to penetrate the meat for a moist, savory infusion. Easy to use. Simply fill the infuser with herbs and spices, add a liquid, like water, beer, wine, broth or cider. Place the Fuse-R into the cavity of the bird and cook as directed. Once meat is properly cooked, carefully remove the Fuse-R and set it aside to cool before emptying contents. Great for juicy baked chicken and cooking turkey, duck, and other oven roasted poultry. Made from high-heat resistant silicone (to 400-degrees Fahrenheit) and stainless steel, Fuse-R Poultry Flavor Infuser is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
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