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Lime Squeezer (Card)

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HIC’s Lime Squeezer quickly squeezes fresh juice from limes, lemons and other small citrus. No seeds, no pulp, no hassle, no mess! Enjoy the delicious flavor of fresh-squeezed lime juice and fruit juice. Inspired by the classic hand juicers of Mexico, HIC’s updated manual juicer is one of those ‘cool gadgets’ that quickly becomes a favorite kitchen utensil! Much easier to use than a heavy juicer machines or blender. Just 3 simple steps! Cut a lime in half and place a lime half, cut-side down, into the Lime Squeezer. Hold the Lime Squeezer over a glass and press the handles together to extract the juice. Fresh-squeezed fruit juice without the seeds or pulp. Also works great for lemons and other small citrus. Perfect for preparing and flavoring dishes, marinades, and mixing up cocktails, like margaritas, or baking key lime pie! Lightweight aluminum with baked-on enamel coating resists damage caused by the citric acid found in the natural fruit juices. Cleanup is a breeze. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.
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