Oxo Egg Beater

Oxo Egg Beater

Oxo Egg Beater


Oxo’s egg beater beats the rest of the beaters no contest! It is the best!

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Oxo’s egg beater is so good at beating eggs! The cream is easily whipped, and turned into a lovely, airy, fluffy and delicious light whipped cream. It is great for beating light batter as well, this egg beater takes the hardship out of beating eggs and other batters. Have you ever really tried to make whipped cream without any help? White egg omelets are a breeze.

The wheel cranks so smoothly, and it has gears in the handle so you’re getting more turns from the stainless steel blades than you are making with your hand. Blades are removed with the push of a button for tasting or washing, and the base detaches from the top and can be put in the dishwasher! This Oxo egg beater is brilliant. Satisfaction guaranteed.