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Pop Up Timers Set Of 2 (Card)

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Pop-up Timers make it easy to cook turkey to perfection every time. The red center stem pops up to visibly show that the turkey has reached proper temperature. It removes the guesswork from roasting turkey. No more raw or overcooked turkey. Know when turkey is properly cooked inside before cutting into it and risking the loss of precious juices. Proudly Made in America, these are perfect for oven roasting turkey for everyday meals and special holidays. Easy to use. Before cooking the turkey, simply insert the timer’s pointed tip into the thickest part of the breast, about 2-inches from the center and at a 90-degree angle to be flush with the surface of the skin. When the red center stem pops up, the turkey is cooked and ready to eat. Pop-Up Timers are intended for single use and are disposable for easy cleanup. Set of 2.
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