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Soap Saver 3Pc

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Joie's Soap Saver is a must-have for conserving and controlling the amount of liquid soap dispensed from most pump-style bottles. Stop washing excess soap down the drain, save money, and control waste. Ideal for use with liquid soaps in most pump-style dispensers, Soap Saver is a budget-smart addition to help conserve all around the house and office. Easy to install and use. Simply slide Soap Saver around the stem of most pump-style liquid soap bottles. Once in place, it prevents the pump from being pressed all the way, dispensing 75-percent less soap and reducing waste. With a set of 3, these useful gadgets and gizmos get to work conserving dish soap and hand soap next to the kitchen sink, or antibacterial soap, shampoos, and conditioners in the bathroom. Great in the laundry room or by the garage slop sink, and even for controlling the dispensed amounts from hand lotion bottles. Remove Soap Saver from empty soap bottles and reinstall on new bottles. Made from silicone, Joie's Soap Saver is durable and reusable. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup between uses. Includes a set of 3. Joie, by MSC International, brings a creative side to cooking and entertaining with their original design approach to unique kitchen gadgets and colorful kitchen utensils, all highly functional kitchen items with just the right amount of whimsy.
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