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Speedy Plus Instant Marinator

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Jaccard’s SpeedyPlus Instant Marinater gets meat, poultry and fish 'grill-ready' in just 5 fast minutes. Maximize the benefits of deep flavor and tenderizing meat from every marinade sauce without puncturing the meat’s surface, which causes precious juices to escape! Use it with BBQ marinade for steaks, pork, chicken, even fish. Jaccard’s SpeedyPlus Instant Marinater creates a vacuum seal that 'opens up' the meat, allowing significantly more marinade to be absorbed deeper. More economical and faster than using plastic bags. Its generous 4.5-liter capacity comfortably holds up to 14 chicken breasts or filets to be marinated all at once. Locking tabs secure pre-cooked juices, and bacteria, safely inside the container, eliminating the potential for cross contamination. This multi-functional BBQ preparation system is so easy to use! Conveniently store marinating meat inside. Carry it grillside when ready to cook. Gently pull up the large gasket to release the vacuum seal right before grilling. Transport cooked foods back from the grill on the exclusive platter tray with spill-guard rim integrated right into the cover, eliminates multiple platters, extra trips between kitchen and grill with no cross contamination or messy spills. The exclusive stability bar hinge keeps it from tipping over while the lid is open. Includes Jaccard's vacuum marinator pump for creating an optimum vacuum. Quick, convenient, safe and easy to use! Made from FDA-compliant, BPA-free plastic. Backed by Jaccard's exclusive lifetime replacement guarantee.
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