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Thermometer Floating 1"

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HIC Roasting’s Floating Slow Cooker Thermometer is an invaluable addition to cooking utensils and chef tools for cooking all types of liquid-based foods. From boiling, poaching, steaming, and slow cooking, using a thermometer helps gauge temperatures accurately so food cooks properly to ensure food safety. HIC’s Floating Slower Cooker Thermometer takes accurate temperature readings (between 20 and 220-degrees Fahrenheit) while floating on the surface for precision cooking and easy reading. Easy to use, simply clean the thermometer with a damp cloth before first use and float it on the surface of any liquid that requires an accurate temperature reading and cook food according to the recipe. It’s perfect for sauces, soups, chilis, and stews and for making custards, brewing beer, and using the sous-vide water bath technique. Made with stainless steel stem and housing, HIC Roasting’s Floating Slow Cooker Thermometer is waterproof, durable, compact for easy storage, and easy to clean. Remove the buoy and wipe with a damp cloth or place in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. Includes instructions for use. Do not use the thermometer over the operating temperature range, subject it to extreme temperature change, or leave in a hot oven or microwave.
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