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Variety Pk Grill Wraps

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Kelly Craig's Grill Wraps Variety Pack is the perfect way to cook juicy, succulent foods with a delightfully subtle smoky goodness. Made in America from all-natural SFI-certified wood without chemicals or additives, 100-percent, all natural, responsibly source and manufactured in Spokane, Washington, with a commitment to sustainable forestry. Set includes 3 sheets each of peach, apple, cedar, and mesquite (12 sheets total). Each flavor is double wrapped separately to prevent them from intermingling. Perfect for meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables, the Grill Wraps are easy to use for adding a subtle smoky flavor to food while it cooks. No soaking required. Simply mist each side of the wrap with a single spray of water. Fold the wrap around food and tie to secure. They work equally well in smokers, charcoal or gas BBQ grills, and the oven. Use a meat thermometer to ensure proper food safety. Instructions included. One time use. All-natural SFI-certified wood, responsibly source with a commitment to sustainable forestry that supports our vital environment. Replenishable and eco-friendly.
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